One of the things I recommend to my clients when they have a very colicky baby or a baby showing signs of reflux is to see an osteopath that has a specialty training for treating babies and children. Seeking advice from their Paediatrician and local Early Childhood Centre is important too but sometimes a combination of modalities including learning baby massage can really help the babies symptoms and give baby and parents some much need relief.

I’m often asked what they do for the baby? Below is an great explanation from Julie Elwood from the Strandhill Clinic in Ireland that I had the great pleasure to meet and watch her work with children and adults, of what it is that Paediatric Osteopaths do.

“An osteopathic check-up following the birth can help pin-point potential problems and helps to ease the dramatic transition from life inside the womb to the outside world. This initial adjustment involves many bodily systems such as breathing and digestion. Stresses and strains from the labour or pregnancy can lead to unsettled behaviour and difficulties with feeding, winding, bowel movements and sleeping.

Paediatric osteopathy uses gentle manual techniques to bring about profound changes within a child or young person’s body, using non-invasive but highly effective rebalancing procedures. These allow the different body systems – the nervous, immune, muscular and circulatory systems – to work effectively.

The osteopathic management of children at all ages is rewarding as the aim is to ensure that every aspect of growth is taking place appropriately, resolving issues promptly as they arise.

Julie Elwood Clinic Strandhill, Ireland”

Don’t forget to watch JABBED on SBS one tonight at 8:30 pm if you want to learn more on the pros and cons debate on Childhood Vaccinations!

Tiny Touch Baby Massage


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