Baby massage classes starting up again for 2014

Classes are starting up again this week so book in early to learn baby massage techniques.
Call Marilyn from Tiny Touch Baby Massage on 0411143582 to book a time and place that suits you.
I look forward to hearing from you 🙂

A Recent Testimonial
“After my class with Marilyn I feel more confident handling my baby and helping him relax. Marilyn is personable, supportive, gives great advice and is very approachable. Best investment!”


Postnatal Depression Awareness Week

This morning I attended Talks, Treats and Tea at the Narrabeen Tramshed. A PND event put on by Medicare Local/Sydney, North Shore,Beaches.

Despite the rain it was a good turnout of mums and babies, and other health professionals including Kathy O’Donnell from Nurturing Hands, Lois Nethery from Northern Beaches Acupuncture, Tresilian, Dalwood Spillsread, Relationships Australia, State Wide Support Services and others all with one purpose, to use our expertise and experience to help and support parents and families in their challenging roles as new parents.

Katherine Cook a child and family Psychologist  gave an interesting and informative talk on Adjustment and Parental Anxiety.

Catherine Knox from The Gidget Foundation gave her own personal story on her experience with PND. It was a moving and challenging story. In fact 1-6 Women and 1-10 Men experience Postnatal Anxiety or Depression. Parenthood can be stressful, most parents experience some form of anxiety. Parenthood especially new parenthood can be a very anxious time. It is not something you can really prepare for. We need help and support from others.

I spoke on baby massage and how it can be a helpful modality for both babies and mothers with PND. Mothers with PND often have problems interacting with their babies. they can be withdrawn, disengaged, not playing or smiling with their baby, as a result the babies can become distressed and cry more which only makes the situation worse.

Baby massage is something enjoyable that is easy to learn and benefits both mother and child.

Making eye contact and chatting to your baby is much easier when you are massaging.

It also helps you to learn to read their cues and learn to respond to them, all the while communicating with them through touch which is their first language.

Regular massage helps you to gain confidence in your parenting skills. This helps you to relax and in turn helps your baby to relax.

If you feel you would like some support, any of the above mention groups can be of help to you

If you would like to know more about baby massage and PND please feel free to contact me. I would love to help.


Marilyn Wilson, RN

Paediatric  Massage Consultant

Infant Massage Instructor

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