Article in Practical Parenting Magazine

This morning I had a phone interview from a lovely journalist named Tammy Werner-Wilson from Washington DC, The article is about

Gentle Hands

Gentle Hands

how baby massage can help with sleep, colic and constipation, relaxation, boosting the immune system and bonding with your baby through play.

It will be published in the December issue of Practical Parenting 🙂




Learn to massage your baby the Tiny Touch way

I recently wrote a guest blog on baby massage on a wonderful mothers blog page called Mother & Luxe in which I give the steps to doing some baby massage at home
You can read it here!

There are many helpful and interesting articles posted on this site so have a look😊


  1. Can you imagine having a settled, content and thriving baby?

“I hadn’t realized how many benefits there were aside from bonding and relaxation and as he has digestion issues this is so useful for us…”

Lauren and baby Jacob

2.Would you like to learn to communicate with your baby through touch and develop a special bond?

 “It has helped us bond so much and is really good for those times when he wouldn’t settle due to tummy pains. I’m just about to have my second baby and can’t wait to do baby massage with him too!”

3.What do you do when your baby is crying and so uncomfortable and you have tried everything you can think of?

 My first child had a traumatic birth. He was very unsettled in his early weeks, constantly screaming and regularly bringing up his milk. He was diagnosed by my GP as having reflux – days were difficult, nights were way worse. I knew nothing about baby massage but decided to give it a try as I was nearing my wits end.

I had a private class with Marilyn and I noticed an almost immediate change in his behaviour. As I performed basic techniques he squirmed less and his breathing became less frantic and laboured. Following his massage he became more happy, relaxed and calm. The tummy strokes helped him bring up his wind and eased tummy pains. Not only did calm him but it also calmed me and is something we both look still look forward to.

My second son started to show the signs of silent reflux when he was a few weeks old. I had already begun massaging him regularly and stepped up the massages when I noticed these symptoms. He really responds to his massage and is a calm and happy baby. I think because I started massage from day one and knew what to do with regards his reflux he never got to the same level of stress as my first baby. Being confident and calm, knowing that my techniques would help definitely rubbed off on him. My local doctor even asked me what I was doing as it had such a positive effect on him.

Baby massage has been such an invaluable tool in becoming a mother. It has not only helped me bond with my boys but helped their development and improve their symptoms. I now recommend it to any new mother I meet especially to mothers of difficult or sick babies.


4.What if your child has been diagnosed with special needs?

 “I found baby massage was a special time for us. It was something we both enjoyed especially as my daughter had to have so many treatments she didn’t like. I felt like I was contributing to her development in a big way. She seemed so aware during massage and we connected with eye contact and touch. We both loved it!


5. Does Dad sometimes feel left out of this new adventure of parenthood?

“He is enjoying the massage and the connection it creates with us. It’s good for the baby and creates a bonding activity with parents . Great for dads. Definitely do it!

D McLure


He is enjoying the massage and the connection it creates with us. It’s good for the baby and creates a bonding activity with parents. Great for Dads. Definitely do it!
D McLure