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Comments from a Paediatrician on Colic, Reflux Esophagitis, Gastro Esophogeal Reflux, Positing (spitting up)

Recently I attended a Breast Feeding Workshop (more about that in another post). A Paediatrician that I work with attended for a question and answer session that I found very helpful so I thought I would pass some of the questions and answers on to you.

  1. Do you believe that colic exists?

“Yes definitely colic exists but I think it is a symptom rather than a condition.”

She went on to say that we need to look at the big picture everything that is going on before we decide on treatment. I was pleased to hear this as many of the mums I teach baby massage to have been told that colic doesn’t exist it is just poor parenting techniques. Not only is this distressing for parents who have been doing everything they can to settle a crying baby, often who has been crying for hours at a time but it is just not true.

  1. What is the difference between Positing, Colic and Reflux?

“Positing (spitting up)

  • Is effortless.
  •  It is normal for some babies.
  •  Can be dealt with the washing machine.

Does not need to be treated. Often lasts from 6 -12 weeks sometimes longer.”


  • Is the drawing up of legs. Painful passing of wind.
  •  Crying at the same time each day often late afternoon.
  • Can have a distended firm abdomen.

Camomile drops can reduce the contraction of the smooth muscle of the intestines.  Symptoms cImagean last up to 3 months.”

“Reflux Oesophagitis

  • is heartburn,
  • Immaturity of the gut (often hereditary). There are 22 feet of gut after the stomach for the wind to get through.
  •  Digestive enzymes start to be produced when we smell food. Babies smell milk. Some babies produce too much (enzymes). The milk usually neutralizes it but not in babies with reflux.
  •  It causes pain and breast fed babies often come on off on off the breast – called the woodpecker effect. Bottle fed babies start and stop sucking as well.
  • Then they sleep 20-40 mins, wake up, arch back and need to be held upright.
  • A Sling that keeps baby upright can be helpful.
  •  Elevate the head of the bed.
  • Try feeding more often every 3 hours so the amount of food needing to be digested is smaller.
  • May need to look at thickening milk or at formulas


  • For relief of symptoms  (when arching) Mylanta can help
  • For prevention Zantac which decreases the production of enzymes. It will take a while to work. Sometimes up to 3 weeks”

Compounding Pharmacies can be helpful as they can put medication in a solution.

Gastro Oesophageal Reflux

  • Includes vomiting as well as heartburn and previously mentioned symptoms”

I hope you have found this information helpful. Always bare in mind that if your child is showing these symptoms or you are worried for any reason you should always check with your GP or Paediatrician.

Learning baby massage techniques are very helpful too as they

  • Help with the digestion process
  • Help to release trapped wind
  • Relax the baby and mum.
  • Release hormones such as endorphins which help with relieving pain.
  • Reduces anxiety.  Studies show Cortisol  levels are lowered after baby massage.

Give me a call 0411143582 or E:marilyn@tinytouch.com.au

A good compounding Pharmacy I can recommend is:

The Compounding Pharmacy – Kim Rumble

50 Avenue Rd, Mosman


http://www.compounding pharmacyaustralia.com